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Social Classes

Our social classes are based on ballroom and latin dance rhythm. We teach social foxtrot, waltz, tango, quick step, chacha, rumba, jive, samba, and salsa. 

Times for Social classes 

  • Monday 7:30 to 9pm

Group lessons and private lessons for social dancers to meet different time schedule.



Kids Ballroom and Latin training

Ballroom dancing develops physical agility speed, balance and is perfect for fitness; it is a great tool for social interaction including the development of self-confidence and social skills. Our kids dance program strives to provide children with the opportunity to participate and excel, to the best of their ability, learning respect for oneself and each other. 

Our Junior Dance Program consists of a series of group classes for children and youth (age 6 to 15) starting at the Beginner level and progressing to the Bronze and Silver syllabus levels. Our first goal is to introduce the Standard Ballroom and Latin dances to our young students in a social and fun atmosphere. Then most of the kids will sit their medal tests. Our final goal is to motivate and train them to excel in the world of dancesport competitions. 

Our kids class teachers are Min, Sandy, Alex. Also there are few competitive dancers volunteer to come and help with the class every week. 

Kids classes 

  • Beginners small classes can be arranged to suit your time. 
  • Dancesport training classes are on different days.
  • Private lessons and Group lessons will be arranged to meet individual needs.


Amateur Medal Tests

We do medal test through NZFTD (http://www.nzfdt.co.nz

The medal tests are divided into different age groups and different styles of dancing. 

Age Groups:

  • Juvenile 12 and under
  • Junior 15 and under
  • Adult 16 and over
  • Senior 35 and over
  • Masters 50 and over

The style: 

  • Social Section: two dance, three dance or four dance
  • Ballroom
  • Latin
  • New Vogue
  • English Old Time/Classical Sequence
  • Bronze, Bronze Bar & Silver
  • Silver Bar
  • Gold
  • Gold Cross & Bars to Cross
  • Oscar


Why do we recommend medal tests?

The Medal Awards program is an excellent way for students to set and achieve a high standard in their dancing. It is a stepwise measurement of progress and a strong motivator for improvement. 

By achieving a medal award, you will gain the satisfaction and knowledge that your dancing has reached an internationally recognized level. You are now ready to strive for the next level. 

For those students who do not have a regular dance partner, there is no better way to determine your dancing proficiency. Because a medal award is an evaluation of an individual dancer, and not a couple, it is an excellent goal for self improvement 






Wedding Dance

Our dance wedding package is quite simple. Each year we receive many email and phone inquiries from brides and grooms asking us to teach them something special and appropriate for their wedding first dance. So what we do is put together a package of 4 private lessons to teach you exactly that. You will learn at your own pace and your lessons will be tailored to your specific First Dance requirements. You will not only learn how to dance, but also how to walk on to the dance floor and end your First Dance elegantly. This is your wedding, your night to shine, you are the stars! You are welcome to bring along a friend or family member to video your dance lessons or just for moral support. 

4 lessons package  $280 

6 lessons package :$400 

Casual $80

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email: justdancenzinfo@gmail.com


Social classes Dancing rotation schedule

Jan and Feb 2023 

Waltz, Rhythm Foxtrot, 

Rock'n' Roll, Chacha