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Frequently Asked Question

When can I start the class?

We have social dance classes on every Monday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm for beginner and intermediate levels . Please check the time table for more info.

Do I need a partner to join

Its not necessary to have a partner to the classes, As we welcome both couples and singles. Our classes are very popular, teachers and helpers are always there to partner up with any single ladies or gentlemen

How should I dress or do i need to buy dance shoes

Just come dressed up casual and there is no need to buy any dance shoes at beginning, we have huge cushioned dance floor that can accommodate any kind of footwear

Do you ask people to change partners frequently? I prefer not to do that

No we do not ask people to change partners. Once your are paired with someone (or your regular partner) you will stay with that person for the duration of the class. So there is no need to worry about

Can I come watch a class to see how you teach

Absolutely yes, we always recommend that one should come and check us first, we have sitting are all around the floor, Our students frequently bring their relatives and friends to watch them take lesson

What if I don't use all of my pre paid lessons in a term

There is no need to worry about that as we don’t have any expiry date on our card. Once you buy a card you can use it for any social class in the studio. You will not waste your money if you miss a class

What is the best way to register for a class

Simply come 10 – 15 minutes in advance for you class. You will receive a simple registration form at our reception or you can do it online or just flick us an e-mail

I feel intimidated just to thinking about going to dance studio, any comments to ease my fear

After teaching to so many people to dance, we know how you feel. At the risk of sounding boastful, we successful and our classes are well attended, because we know how to put people at ease and make the lesson full of fun. There will so many other people around you, who will feel the same as you but we guarantee you will have fun learning and as we mentioned already you are welcome to watch first

I want to buy dance lesson as gift for my friend, is there a gift card for this

Definitely we sell lot of gift card lesson. the have one year of expiry from the date you purchase. You can buy them online or contact us

How can I improve my dance faster

Once you started to feel that your intermediate level is too slow or has become easy, then its time for you to think of having private lessons. We have different level of teachers in the studio who can teach you any level of dance you request, to bring you to the medal test or to competition level

How can I find a dance partner

Well its not easy to find a dance partner, but if you come regularly there is chance that you will meet someone who can dance with you. If you are a private lesson student your teacher will always keep an eye on for your partnership

If I want to do competition, what should I do and how much does it cost

There are many competitions happen every year in NZ and over seas. Its always best to start with local competition to have some experience. Once you decided to do the competition you need to have regular training.

It doesn’t cost much for the competition but dresses and private may be the bigger cost, please contact Min or Gene for more info