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Beginners FAQ

  • When can I start the class?

You can start on any Monday or Wednesday schedule which says either Rumba 1, Waltz 1, Tango 1, Foxtrot 1, or Jive 1. In other words, you are welcome to join us as long as it is the first class of that dance. Just click the time table icon on the home page to check out our monthly schedule.

  • Do I need a partner to join?

No, singles and couples are always welcome. Our classes are very popular. We can't always guarantee that you will have a partner, but teachers and helpers will always be there to partner any extra ladies or gentlemen.

  • How should I dress and do I need to buy dance shoes?

Just come dressed casual and be ready to have fun. There is no need to buy dance shoes at this stage. We have a huge cushioned dance floor that can accommodate any type of footwear.

  • Do you ask people to change partners frequently? I prefer not to do that.

No, we do not ask people to change partners. Once you are paired up with someone (or your regular partner), you will stay with that person for the duration of the lesson. So there is nothing to worry about.

Can I come and watch a class and see how you teach first?

Absolutely. In fact, we always recommend that our guests come and check us out first. We have a sitting area all around the dance floor and our students frequently bring their relatives and friends to come and watch them take a lesson.

  • What if I don't use all my pre-paid lessons in a term?

Not to worry. We don't have a expire date on our card. Once you buy a card, you can use it in any social classes we run in studio, and take you time to finish your 8 sections. You wont waste your money if you miss a class.

  • What is the best way to register for your class?

Simply come about 10 to 15 minutes before your first class to our reception staff. They will hand you a simple registration form to fill out and you will be done in 5 minutes. And you also can register for your class on the internet or just email us.

  • I tend to forget half of what I learn the moment I walk out the door. Got any suggestions?

I would say 80% of students are exactly like you. A good percentage of people repeat a class a second, or even a third, time. It is automatically half price when you repeat the class. As they say, "Repetition is the mother of all skill."

  • I feel intimidated just thinking about going to a dance studio to take lessons. Any comments to ease my fears?

After having taught so many people to dance,we know how you feel. At the risk of sounding boastful, we are successful and our classes are consistently well-attended because we know how to put people at ease and make the classes a lot of fun. There will always be over 20 or so other people around you who initially feel the same way as you. You will have plenty of company but we guarantee you will have fun learning. And as we mentioned before, you are welcome to come and watch a class first.

  • I want to buy the lessons as a gift for my friend. Is there a gift card for this?

Definitely. We sell a lot of these and have them available for online purchase. Gift cards have a one year expiry date on them. This means you have one year from your purchase date to use it for class registration, then you have another year from the registration date to finish the lessons bought.

  • My partner has danced before. I am a total beginner. How does that work.

We experience this a lot. We will assess how much your partner has done before and determine whether you need to come together as a couple to learn or whether your partner can come along free to work with you as you build your own skills.

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FAQs for intermediate dancers

  • When can I start my intermediate classes?

when you finished all beginner level dances, you can join in our intermediate classes any time. When you join the intermediate level, you are also to come alone early to repeat your beginner classes again for free. We just like you to prectice more. You can check our time table and monthly social class schdule to find out what we teach each week.

  • If I want to improve my dance faster, what should I do?

When you think the intermediate classes is too slow or too easy for you or you have done all the dances in intermedate level. You need think about doing private lessons, We have different level of teachers in studio who can teach any level you request to bing you to medal test or comepetion level, Please contact Gene or Min for arrangement.

Where so I find my dancing shoes

We have some shoes for sale in studio. Please contact your teachers for more accurate choices.

  • If I don't have a partner, what is the best choice if I want to keep dancing.

We have Medal test 3 times a year in studio. We encourage higher level students to paticipate medal test so they have chance to dance with their teachers for lessons and for medal test. You are welcome to come and watch medal test in studio, we will let you know when the events coming up.

  • How can I find a dance partner?

Sometimes it is not very easy. But if you come regularly to our classes and prectises, you have higher chance to meet someone who can dance with you. If you are a private lesson student, your teacher will always keep an eye on the partnership for you .

  • If I want to do competetion, what should I do, how much does it cost?

There are many competetions every year in Auckland and NZ, as well as overseas. We always can go to the small local small competetions to experience the competetion part of the dancesport. You can even join in one of the preliminary events for beginners. We always can arrange someone to partner you throught the events. When you find a competetion partner, you need to have regular traning to be able to reach a competetive level. You can do competetion in Juvinile, Junior , adult or senior categories.

The cost of the competetion is not huge, you need to registe as a dancesport member, and pay the entry to go into the competetion venue. Normally 20 dollars each time for Adult. Dresses and private lesson fee maybe the biggest cost, but have a chat with Gene Min if you are interestede.

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